Dashboard | Earn Money PKR

What is Dashboard

1). Total Earning

Your total amount will show here which you earned

2). Remaining Balance

In your account remaining balance

3). Withdrawal Balance

Which you take money from company

4). Spend Balance

Which you spend balance to buy credits and other offers

5). Send Balance

When you transfer money to your friend they will be shown here

6). Receive Balance

When your friend transfer money to you they will be shown here

7). Paid Referral

If you share your referral link and someone create an account using your referral link and he paid his referral that is called paid referral.
the number of paid referral shown here

8). Status

If the status was shown paid then its means that your account is activated and if status show unpaid then its means that your account is not activated yet

9). Watching Limit

You can watch video only 5 times in a day. if you want to increase your daily limit then you go this link and increase your limit which you want

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